Peddie police chief transferred after firearm heist

The Peddie police station commander has been transferred pending disciplinary action in the wake of a firearm heist, which saw at least 30 police firearms – including assault rifles – stolen from the station’s evidence locker.

Police said yesterday that a task team, including experts from its head office in Pretoria, had been formed to investigate the burglary.

The burglars broke into the strongroom through the roof on Tuesday.

According to police insiders, the register showed police firearms – including 12 assault rifles, 12 handguns and six shotguns – had been stolen, as well as other weapons seized.

The heist has raised concerns that a large-scale robbery could be coming in the next few weeks.

There are still unanswered questions surrounding the heist and whether the firearms were stored legally.

Police spokeswoman Brigadier Marinda Mills said an audit of firearms allocated to the station for operational use and those stored as exhibits was in progress.

Institute for Security Studies researcher Dr Johan Burger said non-compliant police stations were arming the criminal underworld.

“Police firearms should not be in the SAP13 store,” he said. “The officers responsible should face the strongest internal action.”

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