WATCH: Dlamini refuses to answer Sassa crisis questions in Parliament

Minister Bathabile Dlamini was not willing to take questions regarding the payment of Sassa grants in Parliament on Tuesday.

Dlamini claimed ordinary South Africans were being confused by the “prophets of doom”, as well as those wishing to appear as “moral saviours” and “deepen the crisis at Sassa”.

“I would like to reiterate the assurance of President Jacob Zuma that there is no crisis at Sassa,” Dlamini then told MPs.

“All eligible social grants beneficiaries will receive their money on April 1 and beyond.”

The EFF’s Moses Sipho Mbatha rose and asked if she would take a question.

Dlamini responded saying “No.”

She responded the same way when another Parliamentarian asked if she would answer questions.

The EFF criticised the minister, saying that her refusal to answer questions violated the house’s right to hold her accountable.

While the minister was clear that grants would be paid on 1 April, Cash Paymaster Services were somewhat less certain, telling the Constitutional Court in an affidavit that 12 business days were needed to prepare for payments.

“This effectively means that all negotiations and contract finalisation need to be completed by no later than March 15,” he said in the affidavit.

One thought on “WATCH: Dlamini refuses to answer Sassa crisis questions in Parliament

  • March 15, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    what an arrogant fool! how disrespectful towards the people in parliament, regardless of how she feels she is accountable and must answer any questions.
    we need to expect NO PAYMENT in April because usually if the ANC say something the opposite is the case. regardless of whether the people get paid or not imagine the stress and trauma caused to these people by all this chaos. Disgraceful.


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