Taxi owner, driver shot in J-Bay home

A taxi owner and his driver were gunned down in Jeffreys Bay at the weekend.

Taxi owner Mthobeli Matyumza, 51, and his driver, Sivuyile Ntontole, 32, were shot dead in Matyumza’s house in John Dube Street in the town’s Mandela area on Sunday night.

Police said the motive for the double murder was still unknown as nothing appeared to be missing from the house.

Spokesman Sergeant Majola Nkohli said that at about 6.15pm three men accosted Matyumza’s wife while she was in the garden.

“Two of the men pulled out firearms and walked straight into the house, while a third grabbed the woman and ushered her inside.

“The two gunmen then shot [the taxi owner and his driver] in the lounge.

“The woman managed to break free from the third man’s grip and escape. She ran into a neighbouring house, looking for help.

“The suspects then fled.”

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