WATCH: UNICEF’s powerful anti-bullying message

UNICEF has taken its anti-bullying campaign to the movies.

The international advocate body for children has joined forces with cinema chain Ster-Kinekor to tackle bullying among South African children – by using a 30-second anti-bullying video which plays at movie houses until the end of March.

A 2012 Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention study into school violence found that 12.2% of children had been threatened with violence by someone at school and 6.3% had been assaulted.

“Bullying was picked up as an important issue and on-line bullying is on the increase‚” said Unicef’s Rayana Rassool.

“Through our partnership with Ster-Kinekor‚ we now have the support of the private sector in our collective effort to increase awareness and mitigate the effects of this violence on children.”

Rassool said raising awareness was the first step towards changing attitudes‚ behaviours and policies.

“Heightened public awareness can lead to increased dialogue‚ supporting the transformation of attitudes and bringing about changes in behaviours and beliefs.”

Rassool added that Unicef wanted to reinforce the idea that violence can be prevented by “highlighting violence-prevention efforts”.

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