Mentor fights back over ‘Photoshopped’ picture of her and Rupert in jet

Former ANC MP‚ Vytjie Mentor has found herself on the wrong end of the digital pen as she has become the star of an internet meme.

The meme‚ which was posted on Progressive Professionals Forum President Mzwanele “Jimmy” Manyi’s Twitter account with the caption “look what I stumbled upon‚” shows Mentor in a jet beside billionaire businessman Johann Rupert.

Soon after the picture surfaced‚ Mentor took to Facebook to call to order the culprits of the pictures that she says are clearly Photohopped.

“I give the Guptas so much hell‚ they photoshop my photos with the likes of Rupert and give them to their poodles to throw into the social media space. They are so very desperate‚ its not funny‚” she said.

She followed with another post on Facebook‚ saying‚ “These desperate fools photoshopped this pic too. @ Chrystal Towers about 2 years ago.”

This follows Mentor‚ over the weekend‚ saying that the distribution of social grants to millions of South Africans may end up in the hands of the controversial Gupta family which has been linked to President Jacob Zuma and his family.

Mentor took to her Facebook on Sunday‚ in response to the ongoing crisis at the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) over social grant payments come the beginning of April.

When contacted on Monday‚ Mentor said: “Everything I write down is true‚” while refusing to reveal her sources.

Social media was quick to respond to the Mentor pictures with their own edited images‚ calling out the person who had created the original meme.


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