East London nursery owner‚ 79‚ beaten‚ dragged and robbed after running out of fuel

East London nursery owner Gerald Muller‚ 79‚ was punched‚ kicked and dragged by a leg – dislocating a replaced knee – by four attackers soon after 9am on Sunday.

Muller‚ who is still active in the 80-year-old family business‚ Floradale Nursery‚ was rushed to Life Beacon Bay hospital and then to Life St Dominic’s.

He was attacked in his weathered nursery bakkie on a road close to his home behind Burmeisters after he apparently ran out of fuel‚ said Antoinette Meise‚ a horticultural assistant at Floradale Nursery.

Muller’s son‚ Timothy‚ said the thugs “dragged him from the bakkie‚ pushed him to the ground and dragged him by the leg‚ dislocating his knee.

“He is recovering. The surgeon has managed to get the knee back in place and will operate later this week.

“The gang took R500 from his wallet. My father does not carry much money on him.

“He was driving home to his small farm outside Beacon Bay.”

Full story: Daily Dispatch 

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