WATCH: Cyclists injured in sprint to finish line

VIDEO: Dev Govindjee / Facebook 

Several cyclists were injured in a crash at The Herald Continental Cycle Tour 2017 in Port Elizabeth on Sunday morning (26/02/17).

The Herald marketing head Justin Peel said the incident occurred near the finish line as the ladies competing in the 106km race sprinted towards the finish.

“Details around the crash are unclear at the moment. Some of the race front runners were involved and a number of people were taken to hospital,” Peel said.

“It was an unfortunate incident and we hope nobody was to badly hurt. We are in touch with some of the families.”

Peel said more details would be made public as soon as race organisers received an update from the hospital.

The men’s race was won by Nolan Hoffman while Anriette Schoeman finished first in the ladies’ race.

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