Robbery warning for Forest Hill cemetery visitors

Mourners have been warned to be cautious when visiting the Forest Hill cemetery following a series of robberies.

The cemetery, surrounded by bush, is in Forest Hill near the Strandfontein entrance of Telkom Park Stadium.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said four robberies at the cemetery had been reported since last month.

“The victims are usually women who are either at the cemetery alone or in a small group,” she said.

“The robbers threaten them with knives and accompany them to their vehicles, where they are robbed of their personal belongings.

“This takes place at any time of day.

“Mourners are advised not to visit alone and, if possible, to be accompanied by a man or travel in a large mixed group.”

The robbers usually fled afterwards into the surrounding bush.

“The area is quiet and the robbers lie in wait for their victims,” she said.

“There is also a thoroughfare through the cemetery which is often used by pedestrians and joggers.

“People visiting the cemetery are advised not to wear expensive jewellery or carry valuable items.

“If approached by suspicious people at the gravesite, try to retreat or attract the attention of other people.

“Criminals have no boundaries and the vulnerable are easy targets.”

Asked what was being done to catch the culprits, Naidu said the plan could not be discussed at this stage.

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