WATCH: Jack Parow sings to J-bay rider’s video

South African rapper Jack Parow likes the way a Jeffreys Bay horse trainer rolls – or rather, rides.

After a rough few months, trainer Rick Erasmus has found unexpected fame, inspired a song and landed himself an invitation for a “drink and horse ride” with the popular performer.

Parow, who raps in Afrikaans and English, saw the video of Erasmus riding his horse, Warrior, through the Jeffreys Bay SPAR earlier this month.

Prior to that, Erasmus had made headlines after the SPCA took him to task over the poor state of rescued horses at his ranch.

“I thought it [the video] was funny. I like things that are local and funny,” Parow said.

“So I shared the video on Facebook. Then, as I was waiting for my show one day, I added one of my tunes to it.

“Rick Erasmus looks like a lekker guy. I want to give him a high five.

“The next time I am in Jeffreys Bay, I want to have a drink with him.

“The two of us can take his horse to SPAR. I will sit at the back,” Parow said, laughing.

Erasmus said he was very happy that Parow had noticed his attempt to draw attention to what he claimed was the unfair treatment he was receiving from the SPCA.

He said he was still dealing with the pain of what had happened to him since the horses were confiscated from his horse ranch, Featherfoot Farm, by the SPCA, allegedly because they were neglected and starved.

“This whole thing was started with a lie. I am a fourth-generation horse trainer,” Erasmus said. “I would never harm a horse.” He had received a phone call from Parow’s producers about the video, he said.

“I said he could take every cent he makes from the video.

“I am grateful to him because he will help my cause go viral. I just want to carry on saving horses.”

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