It’s Edward Zuma vs Mathews Phosa as war of words continues

Edward Zuma Picture: Thuli Dlamini
Edward Zuma
Picture: Thuli Dlamini

The war of words between Edward Zuma and Mathews Phosa continued on Wednesday‚ with the son of President Jacob Zuma saying the ANC stalwart “did not have a backbone during his struggle years”.

Edward Zuma was responding to Phosa’s comments this week that he was “a little piece of vomit”‚ and that he was “not worthy of any comment because he talks rubbish”.

Phosa was speaking in response to Zuma’s open letter last week slating Phosa – a letter which was in itself a response to Phosa’s open letter calling for the President to step down.

On Wednesday morning‚ Zuma said: “I personally don’t take‚ and have never taken‚ him seriously. The man fails or does not want to accept the fact that branches of the ANC rejected him at the 2012 Mangaung conference [the ANC’s elective conference]‚ hence his behaviour. It’s nothing else but anger and hatred.”

Zuma also accused Phosa of wanting to profit off the ANC‚ a reference to using political favour in an apparent attempt to influence tenders.

“This behaviour all comes from the fact that he has eaten too much and still wants to eat more. At least the language they use when drinking expensive whiskeys. So the leadership that is in the driving seat isn’t giving him any joy of getting what he wants when he wants it‚ as he was doing during his tenure as the ANC treasurer general‚” charged Zuma.

He said Zuma was talking “like a person who just fell from a tree”.

“Mr Phosa‚ anger or not‚ insults or praises‚ you are a traitor and you need to be told because money has come into your head and you think you are everything. Well‚ no‚ we shall deal with you in a way you deserve to be dealt with.

“Allow the current ANC leadership to rule you‚ Mathews Phosa‚ as difficult as it may feel or sound to you accept it‚ meneer. And those that think I engage on political issues because I am a Zuma then think again; I am an active member of the ANC and am not a member of Jacob Zuma nor does he influence my views fact to those‚” said Zuma.

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