Fifteen children found after allegedly being kidnapped

Fifteen children who were allegedly kidnapped at the Khutsong South play ground on Saturday have been found‚ police said on Sunday.

They did not say where or how the children had been found‚ but said the suspect was still at large.

Police said earlier that on Saturday morning a “man known as Tebogo Molefe came and called 29 children‚ aged between 13 and 15 years‚ to hire a taxi to Khutsong for a soccer match”.

“The children did as instructed and trusted the man because he was their soccer coach.

They arrived at Khutsong South play grounds and waited for him. At 17:00‚ he arrived and chose nine girls and six boys and he took them to Oberholzer train station with a taxi.”

From there‚ he had taken them to Standard House town in Simmonds Street in Johannesburg‚ police said.

One thought on “Fifteen children found after allegedly being kidnapped

  • February 20, 2017 at 9:42 am

    the sick sod. I am glad that the children were found before being traffic out of the country or put to work within the country.
    well done to all the personnel that were involved in the rescue. It could have been much worse. for the children.


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