Noah’s roasting of Trump makes him a winner among the masses

South African-born comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah might be glowing from his recent NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Image Awards win‚ but it’s his recent comments on US President Donald Trump that have made him a winner among the masses.

In a recent interview‚ with Al Jazeera’s Dareen Abughaida‚ Noah‚ who was handpicked by former Daily Show host Jon Stewart to be his successor‚ discussed his life and views on the current political climate in the United States‚ which has raked in more than 300 000 views on YouTube in two days.

“He [Trump] is proud to put forth a white nationalist agenda that is becoming more and more something that a lot of Americans are excited about — but more Americans are not‚ which is the one beacon‚ the light you have to keep aiming towards‚” said Noah in the interview.

“It’s actually frightening to see how quickly you can repeat the ills of the past when enough people are afraid and hungry – and those are two things that if you combine them and use them in the right way you can get people to commit the most heinous crimes against each other.”

Despite his deep concern for the current US political state‚ given Trump’s stated strategy to strengthen libel laws‚ Noah said that the censorship by Trump only helps to fuel the comedic scene.

“[It’s] a scary place to be in‚ [but] the closer you get to censorship‚ the more comedy thrives. Freedom of speech is something that people pursue regardless of the laws. As human beings‚ we want to speak our minds‚ whether it’s whispered in back alleys or proclaimed from a pulpit. As human beings‚ we want to tell the truth about what we see.

“Dick Gregory… once said to me‚ ‘The truth is way funnier than any joke you can try to concoct’. So essentially it doesn’t become harder‚ because as a comedian I just tell more of the truth.”

The jokester who pursued greener pastures in the US in 2011‚ last year released his debut book titled Born A Crime: Stories of a South African Childhood‚ which this weekend garnered him two awards in the Debut Author and Outstanding Biography/Autobiography categories at the NAACP awards.

The book was based on his life’s experiences having been born to a black mother and white father in South Africa in 1984 while the apartheid regime was still in power and interracial unions were still illegal.

Of the win‚ Noah took to his Twitter account to thank everyone who shared his story and say how much of an honour the accolade is.

Watch Trevor Noah’s 25-minute interview with Al Jazeera’s Dareen Abughaida where he speaks more on Donald Trump‚ his so-called racist tweets and the contribution of the media in Trump’s success here:

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