Music veteran Ringo Madlingozi ‘shaken’ after health scare on stage

Afro-soul musician Ringo Madlingozi was left “scared” and disorientated after suffering a health scare on stage this past weekend.

The SAMA-award winning artist‚ who is popularly known for his hit singles Sondela and Ndim Lo‚ nearly cut his performance at the Ridge Casino in Mpumalanga short on Saturday night‚ after being hit by a headache that temporarily blinded him and left him speechless.

A picture of the artist being hit with the headache was taken by Instagram user Daniel Mofulwane and later shared by Ringo online.

“Right after the third song a blinding headache from my right side started pounding and choking my voice. I wish no such to any artist‚” the star said on Instagram.

The musician described the pain as unbearable. “My head was pounding and blinding my way. I never had so much pain while performing. My head never pounded so much before‚” Ringo said.

He said that he had no choice but to continue with his performance because “the show had to go on“‚ but reassured fans that they would never see him perform in that condition again.

South Africa has been hit by the deaths of several musicians over the last few months‚ including gospel stars Sfiso Ncwane and Lundi Tyamara‚ and Jazz icon Thandi Klaasen.

Ringo said that these stars were in his mind and that he feared for his life.

“I must confess I was scared. I thought of the recent passing of our valuable artists‚” Ringo said.

Ringo has since recovered from the ordeal and told fans that he would have the condition looked at.

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