Head found in park thought to be suicide victim’s

A person walking dogs in Settlers Park in Port Elizabeth yesterday made the grisly discovery of a severed human head.

The head, from the body of a suspected suicide victim, was spotted not far from a gravel road in the park behind St George’s Hospital.

Neither the gender nor the identity of the victim was known at this stage due to the state of decomposition, police said.

A rope still hanging from a tree pointed to the victim having committed suicide some time ago.

As forensic officials examined the head, police officers were searching the bushes for more evidence.

Police spokesman Captain Johan Rheeder said an inquest docket had been opened.“A decomposed body was found in Settlers Park. At this stage we are unable to state whether the victim was a man or woman due to the state of decomposition, but a police docket has been opened,” Rheeder said.

An official on the scene, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the discovery was made by a person walking dogs in the park. The police were then informed.

“The passer-by noticed the head which was in bad state. Obviously the [body] must have been here for some time,” the official said.

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