Motorist claims racial abuse in car wash row

KEEPING IT CLEAN: Supreme Auto Valet in Newton Park
Auto Valet in Newton Park

Businessman lays assault complaint after altercation with auto valet owner

An angry Bluewater Bay businessman has laid a complaint with police after he was allegedly assaulted and racially abused by the owner of a car wash in Newton Park.

While Wilfred Nyiki, 53, who took his car to Supreme Auto Valet on Thursday, says he was attacked, owner Wesley van Staden claims it was Nyiki who was the aggressor.

Nyiki said he took his Mercedes-Benz C180 Kompressor for a full valet and engine clean at Supreme Auto Valet in Worraker Street last Thursday, but when he collected it he noticed the interior had not been cleaned to an acceptable standard.

He said the car was also losing power.

“When I went to collect my car there was a rush because the owner wanted to close up shop,” he said.

Nyiki claims that when he drove off the car was losing power and he suspected water had entered the engine.

“The car battled to go over 40km,” he said, adding that he took the vehicle to a mechanic in Swartkops to see what the problem was.

“The mechanic said there was a lot of water on the coil.”

Nyiki said he had to pay an auto-electrician R350 to fix the problem.

He took the vehicle back to Supreme Auto Valet on Friday afternoon to show the owner what the problem was.

“I showed them where they missed [cleaning] the inside of the car, but they refused to look at the engine part,” he said.

Nyiki claimed the owner’s girlfriend, Melissa Scholtz, started shouting at him when he explained what had happened.

He said: “She [Scholtz] was shouting at me and using vulgar language while I was narrating the story to the owner.”

Nyiki wanted to be reimbursed the R350 he had paid to have his car sorted out.

“She said to me, ‘f*** off’ and called me a f****** k***** and then she started to touch me. “I said ‘please don’t touch me’. “I ultimately got my money back [but] I don’t think it was fair the way I was treated.

“I was verbally, emotionally and physically abused and so I laid a complaint at the Mount Road police station,” Nyiki said.

Van Staden told a different story, claiming the “argument only lasted two minutes” and that Nyiki was the aggressor, which he denied.

“He wanted to hit my [girlfriend]. I pushed him away [because] he wanted to hit her with a fist,” Van Staden said.

He denied vulgar language was used during the argument and said the water in the engine could have happened anywhere.

“I don’t know why he didn’t phone me or come and speak to me about it before taking the car to a mechanic,” Van Staden said.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans confirmed a case of common assault had been opened at the Mount Road police station.

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