WATCH: Habib is the ‘third force’ and ‘uncircumcised at heart’- Mcebo Dlamini

University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) vice chancellor Adam Habib has once again found himself in hot water with student activist Mcebo Dlamini who labelled him as a man who is “uncircumcised at heart”.

“For me‚ Adam Habib disrespects South Africans in general. For me‚ Adam Habib is an evil man [who] is uncircumcised at heart‚ an unconscious racist whom from now on‚ South Africans must question as to whose interest does this man serve‚” charged Dlamini.

His scathing remarks follow Wits announcement on Monday of an average 8% increase for tuition and residence fees‚ which is also applicable to international students.

“For me‚ Adam Habib is the third force that government has been crying that there is a third force at institutions of higher learning. They must not look further than the vice chancellors themselves because this fee increase says that there will be an unrest in January. The man doesn’t want peace‚” added Dlamini.

At a media briefing in October this year‚ acting police commissioner Lieutenant-General Khomotso Phahlane said police had received information that the #FeesMustFall movement has been infiltrated by people who have different objectives to the students leading it and are planning to provoke “another Marikana”.

“We have noted with concern information at our disposal which suggests that the #FeesMustFall initiative has been infiltrated by forces with agendas not aligned with those who seek free education to advance themselves‚” Phahlane said at the time.

He however declined to name those implicated in fomenting violence in the name of the student movement‚ saying that the police would deal “accordingly” with any forces found to be seeking to use the protests to provoke bloodshed.

Mcebo Dlamini
Mcebo Dlamini

Dlamini warned the institution to prepare itself next year as they will respond with “the anger that this insult deserves”.

He also alluded that the announcement by the university was also a “brutal assault” to the poor masses of black students who can’t afford to pay for their tuition fees.

The student leader is currently out on R2‚000 bail which he was granted in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on November 9.

He is facing charges relating to violating a court order‚ public violence‚ assault‚ theft and damage to property. He was first arrested on October 16.

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