Illegal medicinal dagga on market

While the use of dagga is not legal in South Africa, products containing the drug for medicinal purposes are already on the market.

But most of these are illegal, according to the Medicines Control Council (MCC).

The Department of Health is working towards having dagga legally recognised as a prescription drug under controlled circumstances.

But permits to cultivate and supply the drug are only likely to be issued in the first half of next year.

However, the latest products to go on sale in South Africa are Rick Simpson’s Oil and Charlotte’s Web.

Cape Town-based online resource for medical cannabis, the Medical Cannabis Dispensary, says the products can be used to treat a host of ailments including cancer, depression and diabetes.

Mark, who prefers to be known by a pseudonym, is using Rick Simpson’s Oil.

“I’ve been using the oil and I don’t get anxiety. I stopped taking Valium.”

The Medical Cannabis Dispensary says Rick Simpson’s Oil has been tested at 40% to 65% THC. It said Charlotte’s Web was ideal for people avoiding the psychoactive “high” effects of THC.

MCC registrar Dr Joey Gouws said: “If the product claims to treat a medical condition, then even if the THC complies, the product is illegal as the MCC has not registered it.”

One thought on “Illegal medicinal dagga on market

  • December 5, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Cruel stalling on legalising when around 1000 innocent people are arrested daily for using this therapeutic plant. Silly trying to schedule from the perspective of a vilified plant.


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