Hout Bay race row will see charges opened against Cape woman

The African National Congress and the Hout Bay Civic Association say they will on Monday lay charges against a Cape Town resident who went onto social media at the weekend to rant against black residents using the beach.

“Average Monday morning to everyone‚ except Vanessa Hartley. Would you like your goose baked or fried?‚” InsertVanityLabel ‏@PeccablyDoomed tweeted‚ as the country learnt that a fresh race row had broken out.

Vanessa Hartley sparked fury with her comment complaining that too many Africans were flocking to Hout Bay‚ in which she also remarked “they like stupid animals‚ we should tie them to a rope”.

Although the post was removed‚ it was reshared by other users who had taken screengrabs‚ with one remarking “in case your girlies and your over 1000 FB friends missed your intelligence”.



Hartley initially defended the post saying she did not know why referring to Africans was racist‚ but then reportedly said her page had been hacked when she was out partying.

The ANC signalled it was planning to lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission while the suburb’s residents organisation stated it was going to the police to open a criminal case.

“We strongly condemn the racist comments made by Vanessa Hartley on Facebook. Hout Bay belongs to all who live in it!‚” the civic association said.

Twitter users were quick to compare Hartley’s comments with those of KwaZulu-Natal estate agent Penny Sparrow‚ who went on a New Year’s rant comparing black people to monkeys who overran the beaches over the holiday season. She was convicted of the criminal charge of crimen injuria‚ for which she was fined R5‚000‚ while the Equality Court ordered her to pay R150‚000 to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Trust.

“We started 2016 wt a #PennySparrow and #VanessaHartley wanted to have the last word. This was definitely a year of coming out #RacistRant‚” UNcaptured ‏@zahmasuku tweeted.

Some of the anger the post on Hartley’s Facebook page generated:

Ses’Khanyisa ‏@RohiShepherd


Sfunukwazi News ‏@sfunukwaziNews

Dear black people….. This is your country and you can go anywhere‚ so tomorrow go visit Hout Bay

thato01 ‏@ThatoD01

I’ll say it again – South Africa is a package deal. The beautiful land and beaches come with the black people. Deal with it!

MKGB ‏@Therealmkgb

If she can’t stand AFRICANS IN THEIR OWN LAND why is she still in SA. I’m pretty sure we can all breathe without you darling

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