Outpouring of sympathy for boy‚ 12‚ who threatens to commit suicide

Why would life be so bad for a 12-year-old that he wants to kill himself? And what can be done to help him? These are the questions being shared by South Africans after emergency services were called out to an attempted suicide by a young teen in KwaZulu-Natal.

Reaction Unit South Africa said its officers were called out to at approximately 7.30am on Monday to a home in Verulam after receiving reports of a boy attempting to commit suicide.

“The 12-year-old was found to have barricaded himself on the balcony and threatened to jump off. The boy also threatened to burn the house and had started a fire on the balcony.

“RUSA Members and Policeman managed to force their way through the barricade and restrain the boy. For his own protection he was restrained and will be receive counselling‚” the company said.

The incident was met with an outpouring of sympathy from Facebook users‚ who offered advice on how to access support for anxiety and depression.

Noxolo Qhawekazi Nsele shared personal heartbreak‚ posting: “Please help this child. I just lost my brother last week‚ he did the same thing‚ so please help him please”.

“Poor child..my heart cries out…as a 12-year-old to contemplate suicide…the whole family and the boy must have counselling together…maybe he would break out as to what’s troubling him…sometimes kids carry the peer pressure at home in regards to family matters and can’t speak out or be heard and they attempt to take their lives in order for the family to regain a wake up call…or can also stem from school the pass rate and been scared of results…ay‚ no 12-year-old should face this..I pray God strengthens this children and their will power to speak out and be heard.. All the best to the family and the boy and hope all works out…‚” Mark Nd Nola Rowe posted.

Sherill Saunders asked‚ “Please help this child‚ l think there is many more kids out there that are going through the stuff and don’t know who to go to for help”.

“This child needs counseling and prayer…we have no idea what he may going through for him to think about suicide…for those of you that live perfect little lives in glass houses you would never understand the pain of an ordinary person living life with day to day struggles‚” said Aaliyah Neetha Alladin while Satish Balgobind shared‚ “Please help this child. Needs lots & lots of love & care. Social workers please help parents as well”.

Danitha Naidoo asked‚ “What could be so terrible for a 12 year old to want to commit suicide??”

The incident left many feeling sad.

“He just grew out of a baby—-please help this child‚” said Ajay Harichand while Vicky Jacklin commented‚ “How very sad. So young and so hopeless”.

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