Protesters demand hospital’s help after patient falls off bed

Protesters outside Greenacres Hospital Picture: Yoliswa Sobuwa
Protesters outside Greenacres Hospital
Picture: Yoliswa Sobuwa

A group of 30 people marched on Netcare Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth on Saturday to demand compensation for Glenn Griffiths, 83, who fell from his hospital bed in December last year.

Griffith’s daughter, Colleen Linde, 50, who could not afford to mount a legal challenge against the hospital , organised the march to demand compensation for her father, who incurred a serious head injury – which she claims was as a result of the fall.

“We demand that the hospital compensate my father who sustained a blood clot to the left side of his brain after he fell from his hospital bed,” Linde said.

“Netcare came to apologise to the family but left the family empty. As a result of the fall, our dad is in a poor state of health.

“As the family we feel the hospital must compensate my dad for this negligent act.”

Her family’s demands include that the hospital provide round-the-clock care for Griffiths, applicable medical equipment, that the hospital meet his daily nutritional needs, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychologists and speech therapy requirements, and also carry out alterations to his home to accommodate his wheelchair.

The group handed their memorandum over to hospital manager Andre Bothma.

“We had an incident in the hospital where Griffiths slipped, fell from his bed and landed on his buttocks,” Bothma said.

“Unfortunately, a couple of days later he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and the family feel it is directly related to the fall, which is not true.

“We hired an expert doctor to look at the matter and the tumour was not as a result of the fall. We sympathise with the family but we also feel that we were not negligent.”

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  • December 12, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Netcare, is the expert doctor practicing on your premises?
    Then the credibility of his report may be questionable.
    Taken into account that Netcare is a business and not a hospital, the company’s attitude does not surprise me.


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