Senior traffic cop caught speeding 12 times but no fines paid yet

A traffic cop who has a penchant for speed has racked up nearly R5 700 worth of fines in Nelson Mandela Bay with his Mercedes-Benz.

Warren Rayners, who is in charge of organising the metro’s roadblocks, has been caught on speed cameras 12 times since May last year.

And while none of the fines has been paid, Rayners, 47, told Weekend Post he was not aware of the traffic violations.

He has also been busted speeding in his work vehicle, a VW Polo, three times which saw him fined R1 250.

Rayners was also fined R1 000 for ignoring a stop sign in Uitenhage.

These fines have also not been paid and date back to July last year.

“I have not received any notifications. If I had, just like anybody else, I was going to go and present myself before the court and ask for leniency and then pay,” he said.

“If I had warrants, do you think I would arrest anybody at the roadblock? No, that would be tantamount to having double standards.”

While the traffic and licensing department acknowledged Rayners’s love for speed, it confirmed he had not been summonsed to appear in court nor was there a warrant out for his arrest.

Traffic and licensing department acting deputy director Livingstone Simakuhle confirmed the Mercedes- Benz involved in the offences was owned by Rayners, while the VW Polo was a work vehicle.

“But that does not make any difference. We are still bound by obeying the rules of the road,” he said.

“Nobody is above the law. If you exceeded the speed limit . . . you have to inform the control centre to justify your action.” Simakuhle said the matter would be followed up.

“He will be treated just like any other member of the public,” he said.

Some of his fines show that Rayners’s Mercedes- Benz was caught at 73km/h in a 60km/h zone between Russell Road and Walmer Boulevard.

Later, his vehicle was clocked at 84km/h in a 60km/h zone in North End.

Raynerswas criticised by traffic violation specialist Pieter Swanepoel.

“As a senior traffic officer, you must keep your house clean before you proceed to harass the public.

“They are supposed to lead by example. How do you arrest motorists at a roadblock while you have hefty fines?” Swanepoel asked.


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