Back off and stop the public attacks‚ Zuma tells Madonsela

Former public protector Thuli Madonsela has “no further role to play” regarding the State of Capture report and “must step back and allow legal and constitutional processes to unfold unhindered”.

The Presidency on Friday said it was “concerned about continuing public statements by … Madonsela on matters relating” to the probe that President Jacob Zuma had tried to interdict.

“Her unwarranted public attacks on the president‚ as happened in Stellenbosch on Thursday‚ are unbecoming and are not helpful‚” it said in a statement.

“It would be prudent‚ therefore‚ for the former public protector to step back and allow legal and constitutional processes to unfold unhindered.”

Madonsela has this week defended the release of an audio recording of the interview she conducted with Zuma while she compiled the report‚ and denied it was a “leak” as reported by Gupta-owned ANN7.

In the edited video clip Madonsela says: “As a public protector‚ I made a decision that my interview with the president must be made public. Not as evidence of whether or not there is state capture. As evidence that I did give the president a chance to answer.”

She said Zuma’s reason for trying to halt the release of her report was that he was not given a chance to answer allegations against him.

The Presidency said it “remains concerned as well by the leaking by Madonsela to television channel eNCA‚ of her discussion with the president.

“This conduct has serious implications with regards to ethics‚ confidentiality and the protection of information gathered during investigations by the Office of the Public Protector‚” the statement said.

“It is also not clear why Madonsela decided to leak only the audio recordings of the discussion with the president despite the fact that she had interviewed several witnesses.”


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