Jet T-shirt can’t sit on shelf with others

Picture: TimesLIVE
Picture: TimesLIVE

Jet went into immediate reverse thrust yesterday after a girls’ T-shirt bearing the slogan “You can’t sit with us” sparked anger on social media.

The Facebook outcry erupted after Cape Town graphic designer Clarissa Witten posted a photo of the T-shirt, saying it promoted segregation.jet-new-t-shirt-use

And by yesterday the clothing chain had responded with a new design saying “#You can SO sit with us”.

“We have taken immediate measures to recall the T-shirt in question from all our stores,” Jet spokesman Andile Simelane said.

In her original post aimed at Jet, Witten said: “With all the anti-bullying efforts of schools across the country, with children committing suicide, you sell clothing that promotes segregation?”Witten said that as the mother of a seven-year-old, one of the worst things she could imagine would be if other children excluded her.

She praised Jet for its response. “I think it’s very responsible. Just as people make mistakes, so do corporates.”

The quote on the T-shirt was taken from the 2004 comedy Mean Girls.

In September, Target Australia was forced to pull a T-shirt off shelves after customers complained it was sexist. The Batgirl T-shirt featured a to-do list topped with the words “dryclean cape”.


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  • November 14, 2016 at 6:14 am

    Please explain the similar worded shirts in Edgars. ” You can’t run with us” . I have photos but can’t share on here.


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