Release of state capture report unlikely to prompt Parliament to remove Zuma: Pityana


AngloGold Ashanti chairperson and Save South Africa leader Sipho Pityana says the release of the state capture report is unlikely to prompt Parliament to remove President Jacob Zuma from office.

Speaking after the Save South People’s Assembly in Pretoria on Wednesday‚ Pityana said he expected the report to affirm Zuma’s unsuitability for his role as president but not much more‚ unless civil society steps up and takes action.

“Disappointingly Parliament voted against a motion of no confidence when the Constitutional Court found [Zuma] had breached the Constitution. This report is likely to be similar.”

The North Gauteng High Court has ordered that the Public Protector’s office release a report into state capture by 5pm on Wednesday.

One of the key issues Pityana and others raised at the People’s Assembly centres on the alleged capture of state institutions by the likes of the wealthy Gupta family‚ accused of having a hand in cabinet appointments.

Some from Save South Africa are also calling for president Jacob Zuma to resign.

Pityana is among them.

“[To] the man some call number one‚ yet others call number 783‚ for those of you who may have forgotten he after all has 783 corruption and fraud counts which are pending‚ that we hope he will face one day.

“My dear comrade Mr President‚ when you sit down to watch the news on TV tonight … please think deeply about what you are seeing… what you are seeing here today is the emergence of a countervailing people who will no longer put up with your antics.”

Pityana also had harsh words for National Prosecuting Authority head Shaun Abrahams who this week dropped fraud charges against finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

“As I look back at the wreckage that Shaun Abrahams and his cohorts have left behind‚ what is very clear to all of us is that the wrong people were being harassed by the NPA.

“The people who should be on trial are the kingpins of state capture. The champions of corruption. The hoodlums who conspire in Saxonwold‚ Dubai‚ Russia and other places to plot how to capture treasury‚ how to capture the state and how they can make more and more money out of looting our national purse. Those are the ones who should be on the dock.

“We all know those people. There’s more than enough information in the public domain already. Week after week we see new details of their handy work‚ their grubby little fingers everywhere.”

Pityana praised Gordhan for his poise in dealing with the ordeal.

“Compatriots‚ please allow me to single out the honorable minister Pravin Gordhan. Your humility and commitment to public service‚ my dear friend‚ knows no bounds.

“You’ve been through a torrid attack on your personal integrity which must not have been easy on your family‚ and yet you persevered‚ showing no sign of stress or strain.

“Your love for our country is exemplary. You are a true patriot.”

The fact the African National Congress Gauteng chairperson Paul Mashatile spoke at the People’s Assembly of those in the party that also oppose state capture‚ was encouraging‚ Pityana said.

Pityana has rubbished claims saying the Save South African campaign is elitist‚ saying people and organizations from all walks of society had aligned themselves with it.

— TMG Digital

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