Grade 1 pupil stabbed in ear with a pencil

A seven-year-old school pupil had emergency medical treatment for a pencil lodged deeply inside his ear canal after allegedly being assaulted by a teacher in KwaZulu-Natal.

Reaction Unit South Africa‚ a private medical and crime response company‚ was called to a primary school in Verulam to treat a child who was “stabbed” on Thursday.

“Upon arrival the seven-year-old boy was found seated in the reception area. His mother explained that due to the grade 1 learner not performing academically his teacher assaulted him repeatedly on his head‚” said the emergency service.

“Teachers at the school claimed that the child may have been stabbed by another learner‚ however this could not be confirmed.”

Paramedics found the tip of the pencil lodged deep inside the boy’s ear canal. He was taken to a medical facility to have the pencil removed.

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