Four in door-kicking gang case appear in PE court

Four men police suspect are linked to a gang that has been kicking doors down and terrorising residents across the Bay for 18 months appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday afternoon.

Ahbrey Panderaw, 34, Salim Saidi Mpondo, 29, Ibrahim Kajado, 27, and Alfred Chande, 27, appeared in court following their arrest on Friday.

At the time of the arrests, police suspected the men were part of the “door-kicker” gang who mainly burgle houses by kicking open doors and grabbing televisions and small items before fleeing in a car.

In a twist at court yesterday, Mpondo and Chande were released due to insufficient evidence but rearrested at the same court building for allegedly being in the country illegally and being in possession of fraudulent immigration documents. The suspects are all Tanzanian. Kajado was released due to insufficient evidence linking him to a crime while Panderaw is due to reappear in the same court today. Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said while Mpondo and Chande had not yet been linked to pending cases, they were rearrested under immigration laws.

“At the time of going to court, detectives did not have concrete evidence linking them directly to any pending cases.

“Mpondo and Chande were, however, rearrested shortly after their release.

“Our preliminary investigation is still under way and it will take time to gather information and consolidate the dockets.”

All four were arrested after a photograph of alleged getaway car driver Panderaw was circulated among police last week.

Mount Road Crime Prevention Unit members spotted Panderaw driving a VW Polo which was followed and pulled over at the corner of First Avenue and Cape Road on Friday.

More than 400 incidents in which the same method has been used have been under investigation by police.


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