Biker’s fatal swerve to avoid children

A motorcyclist died after swerving to avoid hitting a group of children who ran across a road in Uitenhage at the weekend.

Ebrahim Moosa, 60, died of injuries sustained after falling off his bike while attempting to avoid hitting the children running across Kamesh Road on Sunday.

Police spokesman Captain Gerda Swart said the accident happened at about 3.30pm.

“Initial reports suggest that children ran across the road while the motorbike was oncoming. [Moosa] swerved but lost control of the bike,” she said.

“The bike was wrecked and [Moosa] sustained severe injuries. He was rushed to hospital and later died.”

It remains unclear where the children’s parents were at the time of the accident.

Swart said a culpable homicide investigation was under way.


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