Night of horror for varsity pair after abduction by taxi driver

Two Nelson Mandela Bay university students were held hostage and raped for 12 hours by a minibus taxi driver who had given them a lift from the university’s Summerstrand south campus.

Police spokesman Constable Mncedi Mbombo said the women, aged 19 and 20, were from Limpopo and were in residence on campus.

They had wanted to be dropped off at a friend’s home in Norwich Street, Central, when they got into the taxi at about 6pm on Wednesday.

The women cannot be named because of the nature of the crime. “At the time [they boarded], only the driver and the conductor were inside,” Mbombo said.

“The women asked to be taken to the bus terminus in Central, but the driver took them into the New Brighton area instead, where he then dropped off his conductor before threatening the women with a firearm.

“The women said the driver took them to a shady place in the location which they do not know. “

In that area, he [allegedly] raped the 20-year-old before driving them to an unidentified RDP house.”

Mbombo said the man had parked the minibus outside the house, and then forced the women inside. “He then allegedly raped the second woman,” he said.

“The man kept the women at the house until 6am [yesterday], when they were simply freed.

“The two women managed to run to a nearby shopping centre, where people took them to the police station.”

Both women were taken to Dora Nginza Hospital for treatment.


2 thoughts on “Night of horror for varsity pair after abduction by taxi driver

  • October 25, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Let the police investigate this matter as I feel the “rape” was an agreement gone bad. my reason being
    1. While he was “raping” the first woman, where was the second woman? unless of course, she was drugged or, he was raping and at the same time standing guard.
    2. Did he “rape” them the whole night? If not, what were they doing when he was sleeping?
    3. If it was in a RDP house, there must have been neighbors around, why didn’t they raise an alarm?
    4. If “they were simply freed”, it means the man has no fear of being identified. What drives this confidence?
    5. If they could run to a nearby shopping center, they can as well identify the house in which case, the house is no longer “unidentified”
    I don’t condone rape or violence against women, but sometimes, stories should be looked at and not be taken hook, line and sinker. I’ve heard of cases where women voluntarily follow a man home and if he fails to meet what they agreed upon, they cry rape.

  • October 22, 2016 at 4:14 am

    You leave out the fact that they were running away from the police brutality that was taking place at NMMU being the reason they boarded the taxi in the same place. Talk about one sided journalism


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