Guard injured in mob attack at UCT is discharged

The University of Cape Town (UCT) security guard who was injured in a brutal attack by protesters‚ which was captured in vivid video footage on Wednesday‚ is out of hospital.

“He…was discharged this afternoon to recover further at home‚” the university said late on Thursday night.

“The South African Police Services are investigating charges of assault with the intention of doing grievous bodily harm‚” it added.

The guards were taken by surprise in the Cissie Gool Plaza on Wednesday when some protesters broke away from a group of students and attacked a lone security guard.

Video footage of the incident shows the guard lying on the ground‚ being beaten with a steel rod taped up with masking tape. He is also beaten with his own baton.

The guard was attacked because he bore a striking resemblance to a security guard who was photographed pulling the hair of a female student. The picture was published in a Cape Town newspaper on Wednesday morning.

Vice-chancellor Dr Max Price said: “UCT has increased the presence and visibility of private security and SAPS from Thursday‚ following increased aggression‚ vandalism and violence on campus.”

He said “no agreement was reached with the SRC Candidates regarding a full opening of campus and a return to classes”

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