WATCH: Another woman arrested at NMMU

A woman, allegedly with a bag full of stones, was arrested during protest action at NMMU on Thursday morning.

This comes after chaos engulfed the university’s South Campus on Wednesday when students and police clashed in a series of incidents, leading to the arrest of 29 students and a further two people, believed to be staff members.

The 31 people who were arrested are expected to appear in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Video footage shows the woman, wearing black pants and a green shirt, being put into a police casspir.

Earlier in the day, the windows of several cars were smashed – one of them while a woman was getting out of the car. It is not clear who was responsible for stoning the cars.

The university has been struggling to open its doors after an almost month-long closure following nationwide protests calling for free education.

NMMU was meant to resume academic activities on Tuesday but protesting #FeesMustFall students have vowed to ensure that it stays closed.

NMMU spokeswoman Debbie Derry said the university was surprised by this week’s protests.

“Unfortunately, there have been disruptions … but we are committed to continue with the academic year,” she said.

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