WATCH: Gunman’s jive at robbery scene

CCTV footage shows bizarre behaviour during hit at Central shop

After committing a robbery, criminals usually just beat it – but a suspect decided to get into the beat with his feet instead of hot-footing it out of a Port Elizabeth store.

One of two gunmen who robbed a Central, Port Elizabeth, shop on Wednesday night bizarrely broke into a jive while holding six people hostage.

The five-minute CCTV footage of the robbery shows the gunmen enter the Student Supermarket in Donkin Street.

Cool as cucumbers, they wander leisurely around the shop and, in another strange scene, one hands a sweet to a bewildered hostage.

The footage shows the gunmen – both wearing hats and jackets – enter the shop at about 8.30pm alongside a customer, who they then hold at gunpoint.

One of the robbers then holds the man behind the counter at gunpoint, while the other rounds up two other people who are in the shop.

They take the hostages to a corner of the shop, where they are forced to sit on the ground and their cellphones are taken away.

While the robbery is under way, two other customers, a man and woman, enter the shop and also become hostages.

They stand at the till and watch as the robbery unfolds.

The cashier, who is sitting on the ground, is ushered back to the counter to assist the robbers and open the till.

Suddenly one of the gunmen, standing at the shop entrance, starts to dance.

Arms in the air, he enjoys a few seconds of dancing before the robbery wraps up and the robbers casually stroll out.

About R14 000 in cash and cigarettes were stolen.

Atlas Security’s Monty Montgomery said holding staff and customers hostage was becoming the norm.

“These shotgun-type robberies that are clearly less well planned are becoming more common,” he said.

“In this robbery it is clear the two robbers are calm and relaxed – more opportunistic than organised.”


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