Police recover three licensed guns at killer’s home

Edward Gobey was one of the victims Picture: Facebook
Edward Gobey was one of the victims
Picture: Facebook

Police have recovered three licensed firearms at a house in a security complex where four people died in a hostage drama at Moreleta Park in Pretoria.

A 53-year-old resident held two police officers and three security guards hostage at the complex on Wednesday afternoon. They were freed after a seven-hour standoff.

“The latest information is that after the situation was secured last night‚ our forensic teams moved into the crime scene and they worked through around 4 o’clock this morning. We recovered three firearms from the deceased’s house and at this stage‚ we are aware that they are licensed‚” said Captain David Miller.

Four people – including a resident who fired shots and took hostages – died during the standoff with police at The Meadows Residential Estate.

The estate is advertised as offering “a lifestyle that will enable you to take casual walks within the estate with kids roaming in the streets. With 24-hour access control and highly visible security patrols you can relax and enjoy life.”

But the tranquility was shattered as police cordoned off the area after what appeared to have been a dispute between neighbours escalated into a tragedy.

Miller said police would only release the names of the deceased once all of the next-of-kin had been informed. According to the captain‚ all the dead were males aged in the region of 48-55 years of age. Two of the victims were residents and the third was caretaker Edward Gobey‚ a husband and father of two.

Miller said that police were still investigating whether or not the killer had any previous criminal records and whether he was a former policeman.




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