Children held in gunpoint terror

Robbers claiming to be municipal workers strike

A teenage girl was held at gunpoint and then tied up by two robbers while home alone with her seven-year-old brother in Kamma Heights, Port Elizabeth, yesterday. The children’s ordeal came after two men convinced the 15-year-old girl to open a door, saying they were municipal employees.

Their father had popped out to a nearby shop.

Although shocked by the ordeal, the children were not harmed.

The suspects fled with a cellphone and laptop.

The girl’s mother said she wanted to warn other parents and the public about the level of crime and the need to be vigilant.

Police spokesman Alwin Labans said officers were investigating a case of house robbery.

The Grade 9 schoolgirl, who described herself as suffering “delayed shock”, was at home at about 12.50pm when the robbery occurred.

The incident happened immediately after her father had briefly left the two children at home.

The girl said she was in her room when she heard voices coming from outside and thought it was perhaps a gardener. “I then remembered I should go and wash the dishes before my mom returned home.

“When I got to the kitchen, I realised there were two guys standing in our yard,” she said.

While she was inside the house, she asked the men what they wanted. However, they could not hear each other clearly.

“They were talking about a water meter and that they were from the municipality,” she said. “It made sense because one of them had an overall on. I opened the door slightly. They suddenly pushed it wide open.

“One of them grabbed me by my hair and pointed a gun right into my face. I was pushed against the wall.”

It was at this stage that she begun to pray but was told to stop “that” or else she would be shot.

The suspects dragged the terrified girl to the main bedroom.

“The gunman took off a shoelace and tied me up. They asked questions such as who my dad was and where my parents keep money.

“I told them they don’t keep stacks of money here at home. I didn’t want to be cheeky at that time, otherwise they would have shot me,” she said.

She started mumbling something and burst into prayer again and her assailants threatened to shoot her.

“I thought if I break down, how will my little brother who was next to me all this time feel. The only thing on his mind was his cartoons.

“The suspects took us to my room but realised there was an emergency button. He then asked me where we must be locked up.

“Eventually we were locked up in the bathroom,” the girl said.

While looking through the bathroom window, the girl lost all hope of finding someone to rescue them and started to pray again.

“Then suddenly, I saw people who live next door. I gave a sign that we had gunmen in the house.

“A lady contacted Atlas Security who came to rescue us,” she said.

The mother said she had been contacted by the neighbour who told her there were men inside her house.

Atlas Security operations manager Monty Montgomery said when his team arrived the two suspects jumped over the wall and got into a car which had been waiting for them.


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