Brigadier arrests alleged drunk driver

Port Alfred’s top cop arrested a suspected drunk driver yesterday when he spotted the motorist swerving across the road.

Cluster commander Brigadier Morgan Govender was driving to the Port Alfred police station in an unmarked bakkie when he spotted a Corsa swerving across the R67.

Govender is in charge of nine police stations in and around the Port Alfred area.

“He [Govender] was en route from a meeting in town when he saw a Corsa being driven recklessly,” police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender said.

“Realising that an accident was imminent, he turned on his car’s blue lights and signalled for the driver of the Corsa to stop.

“A brief car chase ensued before he eventually stopped in Albany Road, near to the ski-boat club. During the chase the driver, 68, was gesturing rudely.

“After he stopped, the driver appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol and was slurring while talking,” she said.

“He was taken to hospital where blood was drawn and he was arrested.”

It later materialised that the man also did not have a driver’s licence.

He is due to appear in the Port Alfred Magistrate’s Court today for reckless and negligent driving as well as driving under the influence of alcohol.


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