WATCH: AFU swoops on luxury home of suspected rhino poacher

The National Prosecuting Authority’s Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) executed a preservation order at a luxury Lovemore Heights home on Thursday morning (06/10/16), confiscating a car believed to have been bought with money obtained through the illegal trade of rhino horn.

The AFU, assisted by the police and Hawks, visited the home of Jabulani Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean national who is currently in prison and awaiting trial in Grahamstown, to seize a Volkswagen Golf GTI at about 5.30am.

At the same time a house in Motherwell was also searched for an Audi, also believed to have been bought with “ill-gained funds”, but the vehicle was not at the house.

The AFU will also be seizing cash in the amount of R18 500, and an undisclosed amount from a bank account.

Ndlovu’s mother-in-law, who was at the house at the time of the raid, has not been implicated in the rhino poaching.

Advocate Warren Myburgh of the AFU said: “The Ndlovu family have 14 days to appeal the preservation order. If they do not appeal, or their appeal fails, the car will be sold and the proceeds will go into the Criminal Asset Recovery Account and used for law enforcement.”

Ndlovu, and his co-accused Sikumbuza Ndlovu and Forget Ndlovu, were arrested on June 17 for being in possession of a rhino horn linked to a poaching incident at Buckland’s Game Reserve, where a white rhino bull named Campbell was killed.

They accused have also been linked to 11 other poaching incidents in the Eastern Cape, as well as poaching incidents in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Hoedspruit, since October 2013.

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