Buddy, the missing penguin’s, second chick dies

Port Elizabeth’s Bayworld has released a statement confirming that the second chick of Buddy, the missing penguin, died yesterday.

Buddy was taken from his enclosure more than a week ago and has still not been found. Buddy’s first chick died earlier this week and the cause of death of the second chick is not yet known.

The news comes just a day after Adrian Donian, 22, and Emile du Plessis, 18, made a brief appearance in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s court in connection with the penguin’s disappearance. Du Plessis and Doman are facing charges of theft, contravention of marine conservation regulations and trespassing.

A spokesman for Bayworld said the search for Buddy would continue today and asked people kept their eyes peeled for Buddy, which has a tag attached to his flipper with the number 2 6 6 (red blue blue).

3 thoughts on “Buddy, the missing penguin’s, second chick dies

  • October 8, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    I was today at the African Penguin Awareness Festival in Simonstown. Sanparks, the Cape Town Aquarium, Two Oceans, and such nature conservation people released rehabilitated penguins. They said they do it regularly. One young penguin didn’t want to go, and would be released at the Boulder’s Beach Penguin Sanctuary. They later showed a penguin that couldn’t be released because of being too tame. The African penguin also stays in communities and doesn’t migrate. One can see how it can be with them.
    As part of the punishment of those two, it should include the community service of helping Sanparks and those conservation people with the rehabilitation and release of the penguins, and helping them look for Buddy.

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