Councillor tries to stop installation of pipes

Patriotic Alliance Provincial Leader Marlon Daniels Picture: EUGENE COETZEE
Patriotic Alliance Provincial Leader Marlon Daniels

Patriotic Alliance PR councillor Marlon Daniels tried to stop the installation of electrical pipes in Gelvandale’s Ward 10 this week as none of the workers contracted by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality lived in the area.

Daniels said on Tuesday he was surprised to see municipal workers digging up the pavement in Liebenberg Road. “I pulled over and asked them why they were digging and they said they were putting in some pipes.”

Daniels quizzed them on where they lived and he said he was told Booysen Park, Missionvale and Veeplaas.

“There was no one from Gelvandale. I could not let them continue because there are unemployed people sitting in our streets and I would expect them to be the first preference when there is a project in the area.”

Daniels said he then contacted Ward 10 councillor Andy Jordan who told him he also did not know about the work.

“This is not just a party thing, we need to deliver and put people at the centre of everything,” Daniels said.

Jordan said he was disappointed the contractor hired by the municipality had failed to let him know about the project.

“Residents then think that we allow people from other wards to come and work here.”

Jordan said he allowed the workers to continue but would stop any future work if he was not told about it. But the municipality’s head of roads and transport, councillor Rano Kayser, said councillors were not allowed to stop projects.

“It is unfortunate that the councillor resorted to this type of action knowing very well we should not interfere in the process of administration.

“We cannot tolerate such behaviour where we disadvantage local communities when it comes to progress.”

2 thoughts on “Councillor tries to stop installation of pipes

  • September 29, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Are we all not residents of the metro?

  • September 29, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Is Ward 10 some kind of independent Republic that nobody outside of its borders is allowed to work there? What about the workers from Ward 10 working in other parts of the city – should they be pulled off the job because they don’t live in the area? What a ridiculous argument! Stop interfering when the municipality is busy delivering to its people.


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