Two suspects come forward, claim they released Buddy the penguin ‘into the wild’

While Bayworld’s Buddy the penguin is still at large, the individuals believed to be behind the kidnapping have come forward to claim responsibility for their heinous actions.

Buddy was snatched from his enclosure early last Wednesday after two men were caught on CCTV cameras loitering in the complex.

In a statement released by Bayworld this morning, officials said Buddy had been released at Pollok Beach on Wednesday morning, seemingly shortly after information about the missing African penguin started circulating.

Bayworld management said in a statement they had met with a legal representative for the individuals in an attempt to pave a way forward.

“A legal representative for the individuals had contacted Bayworld and stated the individuals involved in the incident would like to come forward and admit their responsibility for the incident,” the statement read.

According to the statement, it is believed the individuals’ reason for taking Buddy – a father of two young chicks – was because “they did not agree with penguins being kept in captivity and their intention was to then release the penguin back into the wild”.

Members of the public are requested to look out for Buddy as he could still be wandering around.

The red blue blue tag on his finger has the numbers 2 6 6.

Bayworld’s intention – provided they recover him in time – is to reintroduce the lost penguin with his mate and chicks.

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One thought on “Two suspects come forward, claim they released Buddy the penguin ‘into the wild’

  • September 27, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    These individuals should face charges of trespassing, theft, cruelty to animals etc etc. This excuse of taking a penguin because they do not believe in keeping animals in captivity is bogus, if it were true, they wouls have relaesed ALL the penguins at Bayworld.


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