Protests claim first life at Wits

After violent running battles between protesting students and private security guards, were allowed to occupy the Great Hall at Wits University. Students and campus security clashed near the Great Hall. As protesting students flung stones and rocks at campus security, they retaliated by throwing rocks back. Earlier in the day students marched through town and police used stun grenades to try and disperse them Picture: Alon Skuy
Students and campus security clashed near the Great Hall at Wits University. 
Picture: Alon Skuy

The University of the Witwatersrand on Monday confirmed that one of its employees died as a result of protest action at the institution last week.

Wits management took to Twitter to express its sympathies to the family‚ friends and colleagues of the worker.

wits-cleaner-death-use“The University has received a report that an employee of one of our service providers who worked in a residence passed away last week.

“Last Tuesday‚ students released a fire extinguisher in the Jubilee Hall of Residence‚ which affected a cleaner in the building‚” a statement from the university said.

“The worker was rushed to the Campus Health and Wellness Centre and then taken to hospital where the worker was treated for a few days.

“The worker was discharged from hospital and then passed away‚” the statement added.

One thought on “Protests claim first life at Wits

  • September 27, 2016 at 8:38 am

    I know its not the right thing to say, but I am so pleased that the rest of the world can watch these protestors and understand why the police had to kill violet protestors in the past. This is also such an excellent way of discouraging investment by foreign countries.
    Eventually the police will have to meet force with force. waiting……………………


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