Owner ‘steaks’ his claim for rogue bull

WHOLE LOTTA BULL: The black bull that has been causing havoc in Uitenhage Picture: Supplied
WHOLE LOTTA BULL: The black bull that has been causing havoc in Uitenhage
Picture: Supplied

A Kabah resident has “steaked” his claim on the bull which has been terrorising the streets of Uitenhage, but while he has only had to fork out R750 to get it back, the animal has left a trail of destruction at its temporary home, causing R45 000 damages.

The bull had previously made headlines after causing havoc by charging at people and damaging suburban Uitenhage gardens, with no one coming forward to claim it.

Uitenhage SPCA chairwoman Dierdre Swift said Sandile Pana had walked into their pound to pay the fines, verify ownership and take his black Brahman bull home – 21 days after it was sedated and captured in Uitenhage.

But Pana, 50, only just made the deadline.

Had he arrived a day later, the bull would have become the property of the municipality.

Pana paid about R750 to retrieve the bull, which included pound and holding fees as well as a municipal fine – but he got off lightly.

Contravening at least four municipal bylaws relating to public nuisances arising from the keeping of animals usually amounts to fines totalling R4 000.

Swift said the bull had caused damage to their pound gate and fencing amounting to R45 000.

“The bull is still at the pound as we can’t let him go until one of our inspectors has gone out to the owner’s residence to see whether the bull’s shelter is adequate,” she said.

“We can’t afford for this animal to get out again considering the damage it caused previously.”

The notorious bull’s reign of terror saw residents of Mosel, Strelitzia Park, Fairbridge Heights and Winterhoek Park ducking and diving last month, after being charged at regularly.

“Our concern is the damage to the pound gate caused by the bull. While the damages are not for our account but rather themunicipality’s, we did source a quote which amounted to R45 000,” Swift said.

“We are concerned about the safety of the animals admitted to the pound currently considering the gate which keeps them in is no longer adequate.”

“We are also disappointed that the owner was let off with such a small fine. The municipality is failing to enforce the bylaws properly.”

Municipal spokesman Kupido Baron said the municipality was aware of the damage caused by the bull and was sourcing quotations to have the gate and fencing fixed.

“The owner paid the fines and we will ensure the bull is branded and its shelter inspected to ensure both the residents and animal are safe. “If the inspector feels the shelter is not adequate, we will have to reconsider whether we will release the bull and come up with an alternative,” he said.

Asked why the owner was given such a lenient fine, Baron said: “That is the rate which was approved by council and as a result we can’t change it.” Pana could not be reached for comment.

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  • September 26, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Slaughter the bull. If he couldn’t claim it whilst irt was causing havoc at some people’s houses, what guarantee is there that it won’t damage neighbours’ houses where he stays ? And will it not do the same damage again if it manages to escape?


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