‘White man from PE’ goes extra mile for Mandoza

A “white man from Port Elizabeth” was among those who went the extra mile to pay tribute to Kwaito artist, Mandoza.

Reading messages of support and recounting how many people had visited the family following Mandoza’s death, family friend and sports presenter Thabiso Mosia said at Mandoza’s funeral on Friday he wanted to highlight a particular incident when he and others organising the funeral arrived at the Grace Bible Church in Soweto at about 2pm on Thursday to check the venue.

“Something incredible happened,” Mosia said.

“We found two white people, I’ll call them abelungu, outside waiting. When we got in, they asked ‘are you family’ and we said ‘yes we are here’.

“There is a white man… He says on Wednesday night he was sitting at his house in PE and a voice came to him saying ‘come and pray for Mandoza’. Umlungu booked a flight, the last flight out of PE on Wednesday night. He came here on Thursday, he asked his friend to pick up him up at the airport.”

Mosia said the two made their way to Soweto.

“They drove around not knowing where the house is, not knowing where the church is. Eventually they got  to Grace Bible Church at 12 o’clock according to them and they sat here and they were just waiting, hoping to find someone from the family so they can direct them to the house and they found us.”

Mosia said they took the men to the family house.

“All they wanted to do was pray. They said they were sent by God to pray for Mandoza. They prayed for Mandoza, they prayed for the family and they booked a flight and he went back to PE. I just wanted to highlight that. Mandoza has touched a lot of lives from all over the place.”

Mandoza died on Sunday after being diagnosed earlier this year with brain cancer.

He was to be buried at the Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon alongside another well-known South Africa, motoring personality Gugu Zulu who died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in July.

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