New sky trails worry watchers

TRAIL PUZZLE: A rash of long thin cloud trails is sparking debate Picture: DIANE DU PREEZ
TRAIL PUZZLE: A rash of long thin cloud trails is sparking debate

Chemtrail watchers have raised the alarm about a flurry of strange new “chemical spray trails” criss-crossing the sky above Nelson Mandela Bay and elsewhere in the country.

Port Elizabeth resident Diane du Preez, 44, said she had grown up in Port Elizabeth and had never seen the distinctively long thin cloud formations before.

“Now I’m seeing them all the time in all kinds of weather cold or hot, windy or not. And it’s not just me – other people are also talking about it.”

A glance at the Chemtrail Watch SA Facebook group testifies to this wider consternation. People from Malmsbury in the Western Cape to Ugie in the northeastern Cape described and posted pictures of these formations, ascribing them to “serious spraying” of toxic chemicals.

Mossel Bay resident Sarah Kalell correct told The Herald the suggestion from weather service experts that they were simply benign jet condensation trails or contrails was misguided.

“With the jet fuel efficiency these days and the dryness of the air way up there contrails are rare and they dissipate quickly. We are seeing these formations all the time and they hang around for hours.”

She said a recent test of the water in her rainwater tank had shown it was polluted with aluminium and this threw further light on the chemtrails and the possibility of rogue “geoengineering”.

“The aluminium couldn’t have come from the ground. This is rainwater, so the pollution must be in the air. Somebody is spraying aluminium fibres into the atmosphere.”

Kalell said she could not at this stage prove who was behind the spraying or why it was being done.

“Whether there’s a military link or whether it’s to do with gambling on stock exchange weather derivatives or some other reason is not yet clear.

“But what we believe is it’s aimed at weather modification and at the same time it’s making people sick with all kinds of respiratory problems. It need’s urgent investigation.”

The concerns are echoed globally on the California-based group geoengineering.orgwhere group spokesman Dan Wigington demands: “How expansive and blatant does the climate engineering elephant in the sky need to be before society wakes up?

“Unfortunately most of society no longer recognises natural cloud cover from a sprayed toxic aerosol sky. Our atmosphere has been completely altered by the constant toxic jet spraying assault. We are living under a canopy of contamination that is decimating the biosphere and all life.”

Du Preez said one of the concerns raised by South African chemtrail watchers was that the government’s controversial rain-seeding programme had been relaunched and that the residue from this programme was condensing in the atmosphere to form chemtrails.

South African Weather Services (Saws) climate information unit manager Elsa de Jager said the rain-seeding programme was run in the eastern Orange Free State in the late 90s. Planes sprayed silver iodide beneath existing cumulus clouds and as this chemical was taken up it enhanced the formation of droplets and improved the chances of rain.

The technology was so successful the Saws pilots were invited to deploy it in the Middle East but at the same time it had to be halted at home because it was so expensive, she said.

A similar cloud manipulation programme was later devised and deployed in Mpumalanga, this time to reduce the chances of hail storm damage to tobacco crops.

But Saws has not deployed the programme since, De Jager said.

“I don’t believe this programme is involved in these ‘chemtrails’ that are being described by your readers.

“What is being seen is probably contrails.”

Contrails are produced when jets pass through moisture-laden atmosphere, she explained.

“The physically aircraft disturb the atmosphere and it cools down, condensing into ice crystals, so the normally invisible water vapour becomes visible.

“At the same time the water vapour condenses around the impurities being pushed out the aircraft engines. Both these processes leave a visible ‘contrail’.”

The contrail typically forms quickly not far behind the plane but then lingers long after it has disappeared, she said.

“They spread out over the sky until they hit a drier zone at which point they evaporate.”

Saws Port Elizabeth spokesman Garth Sampson said he had seen several of the strange clouds described but said they were all contrails.

“I saw a beautiful one myself the other morning. They’re vapour trails from aircraft, nothing more. If there are more of them being spotted it’s probably related to the increase in air traffic.”

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  • December 19, 2017 at 3:10 am

    This is a global depopulation program! This is Omnicide! This is a spiritual war against God and Humans! Wake up, Pray , read your Bible!!!! This is a satanic/luziferian attack a war !
    God bless you all

  • September 23, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    The contrail argument for these trails is patently misleading and not even accurate from a scientific perspective. At the very least, cloud-seeding to induce rain, is a known technology, supported by a well understood science, one that SA participated in during the 70’s; this is publicly documented. To suggest that the dispersion trails (so called chemtrails) are merely the result of water vapour exiting jet aircraft engines, is either a result of wilful ignorance or intentional cover-up, I see no in between. The subject has become very emotional, with much vitriol being traded on both sides of the argument.

    I have quoted excerpts from this article, which explains it well and makes for very interesting reading in full (source referenced below):
    “High-bypass turbofan engines do not create condensation trails. The ratio of air-to-exhaust is much too high to facilitate the formation of condensation because the majority of air expelled from the back of the engine is not combusted. It is passed through the ‘fan’ and simply blown out the back without mixing with any fuel at all.

    Turbine engines are the power plant for high-bypass turbofans. Turbine engines are used in other applications besides powering jets. They are also used to power helicopters and many prop driven planes, yet we never see trails coming from these types of vehicles, and the reason is simple. Turbine engines virtually never produce condensation trails.”

    “If there was any chance that high-bypass turbo fans would create enormous plumes of water vapor, it would occur in high-humidity conditions during high thrust. High thrust only occurs during takeoff and the highest humidity occurs at ground level as the air at higher altitudes has very low humidity levels. We don’t see these enormous plumes of white water vapor during takeoff because these engines simply do not produce them.

    The average adiabatic lapse rate (the rate of decrease in temperature with altitude) is about 3 Fahrenheit per 1,000 ft. Since the average temperature on the ground is 59 F (15 C), you can calculate that at 30,000 ft, the average temperature is: 59 – (3 x 30) = -31 F (-35 C). This cold, dry air provides inadequate conditions for condensation trail formation.”
    – source: (

    What we are seeing is clearly the dispersion pattern of an aerosol containing particulate matter. This is also evidenced by the nature of the pale milkiness that the sky takes on over a period of hours following the aircraft passing overhead. Truly clear blue sky seem to be a thing of the past, and given that the Garden Route is not a region of heavy industry, this cannot likely be blamed. Since the governments of many countries are completely quiet over this subject, the reasons are often left to conjecture. This apparent secrecy leads many to believe that these trails are not innocuous and are likely to have negative impact on some level, otherwise why not allay fears openly?

    The most obvious rationale for the trails is the artificial manipulation of the weather, as well as reflection of solar radiation for the protection of micro-electronics. Much of this is conjecture based on “secret leaked documents”. To write this issue off as the “conspiracy theory” of nutters is beneath contempt, and belies the fact that many rational and intelligent people are withstanding shameful prejudice to bring this into public awareness.

    • October 1, 2016 at 10:53 am

      Glad others are noticing, I have been taking photos of them for ages, even when people look at what you are photograhing they still don’t “see” them despite the obviousness of it. If they don’t get told about it on the idiot box, it doesn’t exist, hence the mind doesn’t cognise what their senses are telling them.

      Thanks, a well informed and well written reply to this article.

  • September 22, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Great article. I see these chemicals sprayed into our skies daily. Wish I knew why!

  • September 22, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Zuma has just signed off on a 6 facility nuclear deal with Russia that promises to cost upwards of a Trillion Rands. More madness, completely unaffordable – the next generation will be so deep in debt they’ll never come up for air. Ask yourself why? We don’t need nuclear – we need renewables – cheaper to establish and a fraction of the cost to run. Money and Power knows no bounds.

  • September 22, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    De Jager is lying, plain and simple. It is noted that she has made herself part of the cover-up, probably because she was told to… This is going on world wide and SA is no exception. The chemistry involved is highly toxic and citizens will investigate with the relevant specialists until we expose the issue and it’s consequences. All those in government depts who become part of the misinformation process will ultimately be required to stand up in a court and explain themselves. We all breathe the air, we all eat the food grown beneath it. I do not want aluminium, strontium or barium in my food or air. I bet nobody else does either. And it has been proven to be the most practiced methodology. Soil engineers in California, hydrologists and related sciences are begging the US to stop – they just keep on denying! The same organisation operating in the US have deals with a number of nations including in SA and with new “business” partners. This issue is not going to go away. Thanks for publishing – I have no doubt you will promptly receive a D notice. They say when cornered its for climate mitigation – but how do you justify a “solution” worse then original issue?! We are living in a madhouse!

  • September 22, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Thank you HERALDLIVE for raising this absolutely vital issue! It is long overdue. The general public needs to wake up to the fact that what we are seeing are NOT normal vapour trails. Normal vapour trails can only occur under certain very specific conditions and that means at high altitude, high humidity and extremely low temperature. Those conditions do not happen very often. The air in the upper Troposphere usually has very LOW humidity and therefore the water vapour and ice crystals that form from that will dissipate very rapidly into the -55degreeCelcius air.

    So what ARE they spraying? This is what we HAVE to know. Those who deny that something is happening are either covering up for the government, the military (who wouldn’t be doing anything without government approval) or who are in complete denial.

    This is not just about cloud seeding. This is manipulating the weather for ulterior motives. Look at how South Africa is suffering in many areas due to drought. Look at how the weather changes when these spraying bouts occur.

    There is a lot of disinformation out there so anyone who wants to look at this subject must be aware of this. The most important thing to understand is the mechanism by which normal vapour trails occur and then understand that what we are seeing are NOT normal vapour trails.

  • September 22, 2016 at 11:41 am

    The Americans say it is to mask the planet of Nibiru rapidly nearing to obliterate earth…


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