Fort Hare announces no fee increases for 2017

As the higher education community deals with fee increases for 2017‚ the University of Fort Hare has announced that there will be no fee increases.

Vice-chancellor Mvuyo Tom made the announcement after students had given gave university management 48 hours to make public its position on the national fee increase.

The university’s student representative council (SRC) instructed all students to stay away until the university made its decision known — on Tuesday morning‚ students appeared to have heeded that call.

Tom said the ministerial statement had already covered the entire student makeup of the university.

“The university has been receiving government grants since 2015‚ and that has enabled us as the university to keep the same fee structure of 2015‚” he explained.

SRC secretary Ricardo Smith had said earlier : “We had given the university 48 hours to announce its stance on the fee issue. Students do not want an increase … if he announces a no-fee increase we will go back to classes immediately.”

– TMG Digital/DispatchLIVE

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