WATCH: Mandoza neighbour: When I saw Mpho’s tears‚ that’s when I started to cry

Neighbour‚ fellow musician and close friend to Mandoza Dr House has told TMG Entertainment how he learnt of the kwaito star’s death‚ saying that he didn’t believe the news because of all the previous death rumours surrounding him.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment outside Mandoza’s family home in Soweto‚ one of his friends has detailed how he found out that Mandoza had died.

“I was attending a birthday and something made me go there. Something just pushed me out of the house to go there.”

He says that he had been inundated with messages about Mandoza’s death‚ but refused to believe them because of all the hoax rumours that had previously done the rounds.

“I used to tell them: ‘I was with him last week with the guys from Chiskop. Mandoza is here. He’s fresh. He’s alright.”

But after receiving messages from people outside of South Africa‚ Dr House says he realised it might be more serious.

Mourners arriving at Mandoza’s house on Monday

“When I got here‚ that’s when I realised it was true. I realised something can make you cry but when it’s time to really cry‚ you can’t.”

Dr House is referring to all of the previous rumours of Mandoza’s death‚ saying that he had already cried about his friend in the past‚ only to find out it wasn’t true and he was in fact alive and well.

He says he saw Mandoza’s wife Mpho and seeing her being so strong and hearing her comforting words brought him to tears.

“They were broken. What mostly breaks you is to see the magnitude of the people coming in to show their support. When I came to see her (Mpho) the things that she told me… I saw her tears and she saw how close we were. That’s when I started to cry.”

Dr House says when entering the home‚ he can still smell his friend.

“I think his soul decided to connect with the spirits. I could still smell his perfume. He told himself to let go. He knows he was struggling inside.”

Mandoza died on Sunday. His family released a statement earlier this month saying that he had a brain tumour and was “fighting for his life”.

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