WATCH: Mandoza’s last performance before his death

Just days before his death an ailing Mandoza took to the stage at the Thank You SABC concert‚ where fans chanted his name.

Even though Mandoza’s family confirmed just days before that he had been fighting a renewed cancer scare‚ after doctors discovered a tumour in his brain two weeks ago‚ the kwaito legend remained determined to perform at the concert.

“We surrender to the Almighty who restores our lives. I’m here to perform for you. To show you that the devil is a liar. The devil is a liar!‚” he told the cheering crowd last Saturday.

Little did Mandoza‚ his family and fans know that it would be the last time the Nkalakatha hitmaker would take to the stage.

Mandoza’s family have confirmed that the Kwaito star died around midday on Sunday‚ after falling ill on Saturday night.

As news of his death spreads fans have inundated social media with an outpouring of tributes.

Family have not yet confirmed funeral details or any further details surrounding Mandoza’s death.

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