WATCH: Will president Zuma make it to 2019?

Will President Jacob Zuma be stepping down now that his confidence has been noticeably dented? Peter Bruce and the panel of editors explore the possibility and the free advertising VBS Mutual Bank received since granting Zuma a R7.8m home loan.

When Zuma appeared before the National Assembly on Tuesday for a question-and-answer session he bemoaned verbal attacks on him in Parliament. This was after EFF MPs refused to be addressed by him and walked out.

“Each time I come here I am abused by members of Parliament because instead of answering questions‚ I am called a criminal … a thief. I think this house must do something about it,” Zuma said.

“If this house is not interested in me answering questions … then don’t call me.”

But news editor Xolisa Phillip cautioned, “It’s his constitutional obligation. It’s another up-yours … if he doesn’t show up in Parliament, if he bemoans the fact that he has to be put under scrutiny. We’re not a banana republic. We have checks and mechanisms.”

Watch the editors also discuss Futuregrowth’s swift climb-down on state owned enterprises and SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni’s die-hard attitude at Business Day

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