Killer pupil in court



A high school pupil accused of killing another pupil made his second appearance in court on Tuesday.

The accused‚ a grade 10 pupil at Badirile High School in Khutsong‚ Carletonville‚ west of Johannesburg‚ later abandoned his bail application in the Khutsong Magistrate’s Court.

The pupil‚ who is a Lesotho national‚ stopped his formal bail application because it had not been established if he was legally or illegally in the country.

The 19-year-old teenager‚ who cannot be named because he has not pleaded‚ was arrested on September 1 in c after he allegedly stabbed a fellow pupil‚ Sabelo Phahlindlela‚ 19‚ to death outside their school on the same day.

The suspect was earlier identified as a member of the Casanova gang‚ while Phahlindlela was identified as a member of the Creature gang. Gangs led by teenagers are fighting for control of Khutsong.

Phahlindlela was stabbed once in his neck‚ after an altercation with the accused. The two allegedly had an argument during school hours when the suspect who was carrying a condom filled with water and wanted to throw it at someone and Phahlindlela stopped him.

The suspect allegedly threatened to teach Phahlindlela a lesson after school. After school‚ the suspect and his gang waited for him at the school gate and when he approached them‚ he was then attacked and stabbed.

Phahlindlela who was bleeding profusely then fled to the school’s nursing room where he later died.

The suspect is expected back in court on October 13.

Meanwhile‚ another pupil from Badirile High School was sentenced by the same court for being in possession of dagga.

The grade 11 pupil was found in possession of 0.02grams of dagga on Monday morning at the school when patrollers were conducting body searches on pupils in the school.

Malibongwe Joseph Phethu‚ 19‚ was sentenced to 30 days in jail or a fine of R500 by Magistrate P.N Seopela.




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