Days numbered for Uitenhage bovine bully facing the ‘tjop’

WHOLE LOTTA BULL: The black bull that has been causing havoc in Uitenhage has attracted two new friends, a grey bull and a brown bull, to help him retain control of the tree lined suburbs Picture: Supplied
WHOLE LOTTA BULL: The black bull that has been causing havoc in Uitenhage 
Picture: Supplied

A raging bull that terrorised Uitenhage suburbs for more than a month faces the chop.

Its notorious reign saw residents of Mosel, Strelitzia Park, Fairbridge Heights and Winterhoek Park ducking and diving after being charged at regularly.

But the black Brahman bull only has one week left before it is likely to meet its maker.

It was captured on August 24. Nelson Mandela Bay municipal spokesman Kupido Baron said the testosterone-driven bull was being kept at the Uitenhage SPCA.

“We have advertised calls for the owner to claim the black bull. After 21 days the bull becomes the property of the municipality and then a decision will be made to either sell it privately or take it to the abattoir,” Baron said yesterday.

SPCA chairwoman Diedre Swift said when the bull first arrived at the Uitenhage centre it had been very aggressive. “He has since calmed down.

But we are only allowed to auction off branded animals.” If an animal is not branded it becomes the property of the municipality if the owner fails to claim it.

“A few weeks ago some cattle were brought in that weren’t branded and not claimed in the 21 days. The municipality took the decision to take them to the abattoir.”

Despite taking the bull by the horns, the municipality’s animal woes in the area are yet to be resolved.

Garden Town Initiative chairman Dave Mc- Cleland spotted an even bigger black and white Brahman bull this week.

“It’s now become more than a joke. Daily I have to phone the animal control guys and still the cattle keep coming. “No sooner do we get rid of one bull than another appears,” McCleland said.

The other two bulls which were reportedly accompanying the first Brahman bull have since vacated the area.

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