‘CEO Molefe and his dynamic executive team’ – Brown knows what has ‘turned Eskom around’

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown sang Eskom CEO Brian Molefe’s praises as the synchronisation of the Medupi’s unit 5 added “an additional 800MW onto the grid” on Thursday.

She said the utility’s board‚ “headed by Dr Ben Ngubane”‚ and “Molefe have successfully steered Eskom through difficult times” and “have managed to turn Eskom around and placed the company on a sound operational and financial footing compared to a year ago”.

“This year Eskom announced a net profit for the 2015/16 financial period of R4.6-billion.

“This has contributed to operational and financial sustainability for the company‚ while the grid had stabilised to such an extent that we have a reliable electricity supply for South Africa.”

Brown said “Molefe has managed to revitalise Eskom by assembling and leading a dynamic executive team” and added: “There is a new sense of urgency and a drive to succeed at Eskom.

“Their inspiring leadership stabilised the grid and since May last year we have seen the build-programme being accelerated‚ while at the same increased maintenance.”

On August 9‚ Eskom marked exactly one year of no load shedding‚ which it attributed to a “rigorous” plant maintenance programme that it has executed.

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