Phumulo Masualle calls for action against ‘lazy’ and ‘indecisive’ managers

Eastern Cape premier Phumulo Masualle has bemoaned the fact that the province was being used as a national reference “Cinderella province” for all negative things in public service.

Speaking to seven unions participating in the provincial bargaining chamber meeting in East London, Masualle said on Thursday that drastic action was needed to speed up service delivery.

The meeting was also attended by all heads of provincial government departments

Masualle’s spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the premier called on managers to act decisively against lazy, disrespectful, weak and indecisive managers.

“He told the gathering that the public is becoming impatient with poor service and the lack of decisive action on allegations of a string of corrupt practices in the public service.

“The public has demonstrated on August 3rd that they are tired of the slow space, non-chalant approach [as well as the] disrespectful and arrogant attitude to the public and service delivery,” Kupelo said.

The premier also told the gathering that it was totally unacceptable that there were still water and sewage spillages in the municipal areas that were not being attended for weeks, even months.

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